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Case Results

  1. Charged with three counts of PC 666.5 Vehicle Theft with priors and one count of VC 10801 Chop Shop, District Attorney wanted prison because of client's record. Filed two motions after preliminary hearing based upon the investigating officer's testimony on what he based his declaration for a warrant on. Won the motion and case was dismissed.
  2. Charged with five counts of PC 273(a)(a) Willful Child Cruelty, District Attorney wanted a lot of time for client in jail, after several court appearances and meeting with the D.A. the case was dismissed.
  3. Charged with 1 st Degree Burglary a strike, as well as armed with a firearm in the commission of a crime and vandalism. After, numerous court appearances and meeting with the D.A. on the case, client pled to a misdemeanor trespass. No jail or prison, or Felony strike.
  4. Charged with PC 459(1 st degree burglary) a strike, as well as PC 273.5(a) - Domestic Violence and PC 594(a) Vandalism. After meeting with D.A. and going to court several times the D.A. agreed to dismiss the case.
  5. Charged with 664/187(a) Attempted Murder, with gang enhancement as well as intentional discharge of firearm. Facing life in prison. Worked out a deal for felony probation and credit for time served, plead to just PC 186.22(a).
  6. Jury Trial - 1 st Degree Burglary and Receiving Stolen Property, facing 6 years in prison - NOT GUILTY on all counts.
  7. Jury Trial - Charged with PC 245(a)(1), And Gang enhancements facing a long prison commitment if convicted - NOT GUILTY on all counts.
  8. Jury Trial - Charged with PC 273.5(a) Inflict Corporal Injury/Spouse, PC 245(a)(1) Assault w/deadly weapon, PC 422 Criminal Threats - a Strike, enhancement armed with a firearm, 3 counts of PC 273a(a) Willful Child Cruelty. District Attorneys offer was 10 years in prison. Went to trial and was only found guilty of lesser offense of misdemeanors on 5 of the counts. Acquitted on the PC 422 strike. Client went home on misdemeanor probation - No Felonies, and no prison.
  9. Charged with multiple counts of PC 288.7(b) facing life in prison. After multiple meetings with the District Attorney and doing our own investigation worked out a deal for credit for time served and client went home not to prison for the rest of his life.
  10. Charged with multiple counts of PC 288a(b)(1) lewd act on a child. Client facing prison and registration as a sex offender. Worked out a deal with no jail time and no registration.
  11. Charged with Transportation HS 11379, as well as HS 11378 sales. A large quantity of meth found. After reviewing the case and getting more information, filed a motion for illegal search. The motion was granted and the case was dismissed.
  12. Charged with three counts of PC 476 (making, possessing, uttering fictitious check) - Facing jail and felony conviction. After going to court for almost a year got the District Attorney to dismiss the case. No conviction.
  13. Charged with 487(a) grand theft. Alleged to have taken over 20k - worked out a deal for a civil compromise for a lesser amount and the case was dismissed.
  14. Charged with 261(a)(4) rape of unconscious victim which if convicted requires sex registration, client also charged with having a prior strike. D.A. offer was 12 years. After setting it ready for trial, worked out a deal for PC 236 false imprisonment no registration and two years in prison.
  15. Charged with 664/187(a) attempted murder - facing life in prison. Worked out a deal for an assault PC 245(a)(4) and got 2 years in prison.
  16. Charged with PC 261(a)(2) rape by force/fear of bodily injury, if convicted of this count requires sex registration, also charged with PC 273.5(a) Domestic Violence and PC 236 false imprisonment. Facing prison, worked out a deal after doing investigation for a PC 415(2) playing loud music (a substituted charge) - as an infraction. No prison, or probation, or registration.
  17. Charged with 3 different cases of HS 11378 sales and HS 11379 transportation as well as PC 12022.2 allegations which is out on bail when a person picks up a new case. After a long time going to court with the District Attorney wanting a significant prison/jail sentence, worked out a deal for house arrest. No Jail/Prison.
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