Man Arrested on Manufacturing Charges in Temecula

Man Arrested on Manufacturing Charges in Temecula

Posted By Law Offices of Gregory H. Comings || 10-Feb-2010

Police arrested a Wyoming man at Temecula house last week on suspicion of drug manufacturing.

Police received a call last Tuesday evening from a woman who claimed her father was manufacturing drugs in the house. Both the United States Border Patrol K-9 team and the Riverside County Sheriff's Special Investigation Bureau searched the home and found evidence that 48-year-old John Dale Mann was indeed manufacturing drugs. 

During their search police found a quart size jar of ephedrine, a chemical used as a primary ingredient when making methamphetamine. Police also found other materials and paraphernalia associated with manufacturing meth.

They were able to remove all hazardous materials from the home to ensure the home was safe for other residents. Meth labs are well-known to cause fires and home explosions.

Mann was arrested for manufacturing ephedrine and being under the influence of methamphetamine. He was booked in the Southwest Detention Center.

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